Felt Washers

Felt Washers – Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd produce a huge range of non metallic washers in Industrial Felt Washersvirtually any given shape or size with or without holes, self adhesive backing, facings etc.

Felt Washers can be made to our customers exact requirements in many different grades and different densities of felt including Industrial grade felt and Craft grade felt.

Felt washers provide the following;

Key properties of industrial felt washers.

  1. Industrial felt has a fibrous structure which can absorb and transmit fluids along capillary pathways and filter out solids or suspended liquids in gases (i.e. mists)
  2. Industrial felt has a homogenous structure so that, if the surface is removed, it is replaced by a similar face without fraying.
  3. Industrial felt shows resilience, ensuring excellent recovery of the material to its original dimensions after compression.
  4. High energy absorption, enabling large amounts of vibration or sound energy to be dissipated.
  5. Easily shaped by cutting or (in higher densities) machining and dimensionally stable in use, neither swelling nor shrinking.
  6. Operational over a wide temperature range. It maintains its properties over a range from -40 Celsius to +100 Celsius.
  7. Other properties of industrial felt include a good response to oxidation, ultra violet exposure (i.e. ageing) and non-polar solvents. Wool felt offers a near constant coefficient of friction in both wet and dry conditions.

Help with Felt Washers

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Material Data Sheets for Industrial Felt

Material Data Sheets can be viewed or downloaded via our Corporate Intranet page. Material Data Sheets can be found here → Material Data Sheets - Industrial Felt