Butyl Rubber Strip

Cured Butyl Rubber Strip

Cured Butyl Rubber Strip

Butyl Rubber Strip can be supplied in either uncured or cured versions. The uncured version is similar in look and feel to putty or Plasticine whilst the cured version is similar to other types of solid rubbers but possess it’s very own set of characteristics.

Butyl characteristics include;

  • Good impermeability
  • Weathering resistance
  • Ozone resistance
  • Vibration dampening
  • Good stability


Butyl Rubber Strip is NOT recommended for applications involving Fuels or Oils

Common uses for Uncured Butyl Rubber Strip

Uncured Butyl Rubber Strip

Uncured Butyl Rubber Strip

  • ROOFING & CLADDING industry where it creates an excellent seal in situations such as side and end lap joints and the bead section is particularly recommended for large corrugated end lap sheet profiles.
  • HEATING & VENTILATION market has found this product to be preferable to other methods of sealing flanges on ducting due to its ease of use and solvent free formulation.
  • AEROSPACE vacuum forming processes as a disposable sealant & adhesive where it can be subjected to temperatures up to 150 deg.C.
  • AUTOMOTIVE uses include sealing around the frames of sun roofs.
  • GREENHOUSE manufacturers include this product to seal between the glazing and framework
  • CARAVAN manufacturers have many applications such as sealing between mouldings and the outer skin, lap joints on the body work and other areas where fittings are attached piercing the outer skin.
  • DAMP PROOFING for bonding & sealing applications such as cavity trays & polythene membranes.

Quality control

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