Kapton Sheeting

Kapton Sheeting is available from Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd in various thicknesses.

Kapton – Kapton® is a polyimide film with outstanding thermal, mechanical, chemical and electrical properties Kapton Sheetingand can therefore be used in environments with extreme temperatures ranging from minus 269° to plus 400°.

Kapton Sheeting has many uses including the following;

  •    Aerospace
  •    Spacecraft
  •    Medical (X ray)
  •    Traction motors
  •    3D Printing
  •    Croyogenics
  •    Fibre optics
  •    Automotive
  •    White goods
  •    Defence
  •    Electrical – printed circuit boards and soldering

Quality of Kapton Sheeting

The quality of Kapton Sheeting is controlled by our Quality Management System to ISO 9001

Help with Kapton Sheeting

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ISO 9001

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