Nitrile PVC Sponge Seals

Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd convert our range of Nitrile PVC Sponge into an array of Nitrile PVC Sponge Sealsproducts including Nitrile PVC Sponge Seals. Other product formats include:


Nitrile PVC Sponge Seals can be supplied in any of the above formats and can be manufactured in plain or self adhesive backed. Nitrile PVC comes in standard thicknesses with a skin finish both sides but can easily be laminated or split to any required thickness.

A325 PVC Nitrile is a polymer blend of NBR and PVC which offers a material similar to Neoprene Nitrile PVC Spongebut with further improvements.

This blend of materials offers excellent oil and fluid resistance whilst possessing Non-Flammable properties and excellent resistance to weathering. Nitrile PVC Sponge Seals or PVC Nitrile Sponge Seals are very flexible and can be applied to contoured parts and applications such as heating and ventilation systems.

Quality of our Nitrile PVC Sponge Seals

The entire product range along with the business activities carried out by Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd are ALL covered by our Quality Management System to ISO 9001

Help with Nitrile PVC Sponge Seals

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