33Kg Polyethylene Insulations

Welcome to our page on 33Kg Polyethylene Insulations, Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd are able to manufacture 33Kg Polyethylene Insulations direct from either block or roll and provide them in Low density polyethylene gaskets - 33Kg Polyethylene InsulationsPlain or Self adhesive backed.

Polyethylene is available in a range of densities/grades and available from various manufacturers which we have sourced from around the globe. These global partnerships allow us to offer the very best prices currently available within the UK, we also offer impressive lead times due to our huge levels of stock.

33Kg Polyethylene Insulations can be manufactured in many different formats including:

  1. Seals
  2. Gaskets
  3. Washers
  4. Pads
  5. Sheeting
  6. Strip
  7. Extrusions
  8. Mouldings
  9. Fabrications


All of the above can be supplied in self adhesive backed which can be chosen from our standard catalogue. Other adhesive tapes are available upon request but may be subject to minimum order quantity.

Quality control of 33Kg Polyethylene Insulations

Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd have been certified to ISO 9001 since 2003. Our Quality Management System controls all aspects of our business conduct from initial inquiry straight through to final inspection and despatch.


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