Mica Insulation

Insulation materials currently stocked and converted by Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd include Mica Mica InsulationInsulation.

Mica Insulation offers almost unparalleled performance in Electrical & Thermal Insulation properties. As a material it has the following characteristics;

  • Mica Insulation is flexible, transparent, optically flat, reflective, refractive, colourless in thin sheets, easily splittable into thin films along its cleavage, resilient and incompressible
  • Mica Insulation is tolerant and completely inert to the action of water, acids (except hydro-hydrofluoric acid and concentrated sulphuric acid), alkalies, bases, mineral oils, conventional solvents and chemical influence. Virtually unaffected by atmospheric action and weathering
  • Mica Insulation has distinctive combination of great dielectric strength, uniform dielectric constant and capacitance stability, low power loss (high Q factor), high electrical resistivity, low temperature coefficient and superior insulating properties. It is noted for its resistance to arc and corona discharge with no permanent injury.
  • Mica Insulation is fire proof, infusible, incombustible and non-flammable. It has low heat conductivity, remarkable thermal endurance and can be exposed to high temperatures without any noticeable effect.
  • Mica Insulation is relatively soft and can be hand cut, machined or die-punched. It is flexible, elastic and tough having high tensile strength. It can easily sustain mechanical stresses and pressures.

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