Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd are a leading manufacturer of SIL Pad products within the UK. We are able to offer our customers a bespoke product and service.

SIL Pad is the name given to a family of thermally conductive materials that are designed to be used SIL Pad heat transferwhere there is a need for high thermal performance and electrical isolation.

SIL Pads thermally conductive insulators are a clean and efficient alternative to Mica, ceramics or grease and are used in a wide range of electronic application.

Some of the key characteristics of this material are:

  •          Excellent thermal performance
  •          Eliminates the need to use messy grease
  •          More durable than mica.


SIL Pad is also an efficiently manufactured product where the total applied cost compares favourably to other alternatives.

Listed below are a few of the most common products available in the Sil-pad range:thermal SIL pad & GAP pad

  •          High performance insulator for low pressure applications
  •          Soft tack elastomer for electrical insulation & thermal conductivity
  •          Kapton based for thermal management
  •          Glass reinforced
  •          Bonded laminates such as copper and foil


SIL Pads are available in a range of formats, some of which have been listed below:

  •          Sil Pad fabricationsSIL Pad
  •          Sil Pad gaskets
  •          Sil Pad seals
  •          Sil Pad washers
  •          Sil Pad pads
  •          Sil Pad strip
  •          Sil pad sheeting

Help with Sil Pad

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