Post Office Sponge

Advanced Seals & Gaskets are leading UK manufacturers in products and components made from Post Office sponge.

Post Office sponge is a common name used for a material that is a natural, open cell sponge rubber post office spongeand traditionally orange in colour.

Post Office Sponge is available in a wide range of pore structures including fine, medium and large pores and is also available in a range of densities from 160kg per cubic metre to 500kg per cubic metre.

This material can range from being extremely soft, flexible and absorbent in the lower densities to being quite firm in the higher densities. The sheet sizes vary from 2100mm x 920mm x 110mm thick to 1300mm x 750mm x 70mm thick depending upon the chosen grade.

Post Office Sponge has some key benefits and features including:

  •          Heat resistance up to 80°c
  •          Elastic up to 40°c
  •          Ozone resistant
  •          Highly absorbent
  •          Available in various pore structures


Some of the more common uses for this orange, natural sponge rubber are labelling, pottery, packaging and vacuum lifting seals.

Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd have the manufacturing capabilities to split this material to any required thickness and we can then convert it into any size or shape.

Listed below you can see some of the more common product formats:

  •          Post office sponge sheet
  •          Post office sponge gasketspost office sponge colours
  •          Post office sponge strip
  •          Post office sponge rolls
  •          Post office sponge pads
  •          Post office fabrications
  •          Post office sponge seals
  •          Post office sponge discs

Help with Post Office Sponge

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