Fine Ribbed Rubber Matting

Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd stocks and converts many grades of Rubber Matting including Fine Ribbed Rubber Matting in a range of thicknesses. We can expertly apply a series of adhesive tapes to our Fine Ribbed Rubber Matting to facilitate easy location and fixing.

Common uses for Ribbed Rubber Matting are;Solid Rubber Insulations - Electrical insulation matting - Fine Ribbed Rubber Matting

  • Tool tray/box liners
  • Ramp covering
  • Walkway lining
  • Horse box and trailer floors
  • Pick-up and van load beds
  • Car boot mats
  • Dog runs
  • Kennels and cages
  • Cab floor mats

The above list gives examples of typical uses for Fine Ribbed Rubber Matting. Electrical Safety Matting - Fine Ribbed Rubber Matting

Electrical safety grades are also available to withstand voltages of different levels. Electrical Safety grades of Fine Ribbed Rubber Matting includes ASTM, VDE and BS grades.

Quality control of Fine Ribbed Rubber Matting

We at Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd pride ourselves on the best possible manufacturing techniques along with a highly skilled and motivated workforce all under the full control of our Quality Management System to ISO 9001. We have a continued improvement policy in effect and value customer feedback and comments to help us.

Help with Fine Ribbed Rubber Matting

If you would like to speak to a representative to discuss your specific application or requirements please call our sales office direct on 01384 469100, alternatively you can send an E-mail. Simply click on the link and forward us your details along with your question and we will contact you immediately.

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