Cross Linked Polyethylene Foam

Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd are leading suppliers and manufacturers of Cross Linked Polyethylene Foam Products manufactured to our customers’ requirements.

Our Cross Linked Polyethylene Foam is extruded in continuous rolls with a skin finish on both sides and is manufactured in widths of up to 2Mtrs wide and thicknesses starting from 5mm and rise to 25mm in standard increments; however this product can be laminated to achieve larger thicknesses and supplied in sheets or pads if required.

Advanced Seals and Gaskets Ltd employ the latest state of the art splitting facilities which enable us to Cross Linked Polyethylene Foamsplit the standard polyethylene foam thicknesses down to none standard thicknesses that the customer requires.

Our plant and equipment also extends to an excellent range of adhesive coating facilities, where we are able to adhesive coat the polyethylene foam, with an adhesive coating on one or both faces of the material, with a comprehensive range of adhesive systems to meet our customer’s applications.

Our Cross Linked Polyethylene Foam is generally supplied in black or white, however other colours can be made depending on volumes of product required.

Our Polyethylene Foam is relatively soft and flexible and the uniform closed cell structure ensures it is impermeable to liquid, gases and particles, ensuring an effect seal.

Polyethylene Foam has excellent mechanical characteristics including high resistance to wear and tear and an excellent temperature range of between -60ºC to +90ºC and is also resistant to ozone and UV light.

The excellent mechanical characteristic of this material provides excellent results for Noise control, thermal insulation and water resistance, therefore making this product an excellent choice for many applications including:

Building and Construction Industry - Cross Linked Polyethylene Foam

Construction Industry




Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd have the expertise and state of the art production facilities which allow us to manufacture an extensive range of products to the customers requirements including the following:

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