Ceramic Fibre paper

Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd are leading manufacturers in products made from Ceramic Fibre Paper.

Ceramic Fibre paper is manufactured by forming alumina-silicate fibres in a non-woven matrix. The ceramic fibres are randomly positioned during the manufacturing process then held in place with latex binders.

Ceramic fibre paper has excellent chemical stability and is resistant to most corrosive elements with the exception of some substances such as phosphoric acid and concentrated alkali’s.

Ceramic Fibre Paper also has good die electric strength and operates at extreme temperatures of over 1000°c.Ceramic fibre - Ceramic fibre paper

Other characteristics include:

  •          High temperature stability
  •          Low thermal conductivity
  •          Excellent corrosive resistance
  •          Good die electrical strength
  •          High heat reflectance


Because of its many attributes, Ceramic Fibre Paper is used in many industries across a vast spectrum of applications such as:

  •          Electrical heaters
  •          Self-cleaning ovensCeramic Fibre paper and Ceramic Fibre Sheeting
  •          Wood burning stoves
  •          Petrochemical
  •          Transfer line protection
  •          Welding & bronzing
  •          Automotive heat shields
  •          Foundry gaskets
  •          Heat treatment

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