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  1. Update 05/12/2016
    The main extension is now up and water tight. The interior is now being fitted out with brand new production offices, Despatch office and trade collection area. Our building team and electricians are working hard to complete this work with minimal disruption to our current proceedings. We are looking forward to the completion of this project early in the New Year. Our other factory extensions are well underway and are also due for completion in the New Year. Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd as seen massive change throughout 2016, we expect the same throughout 2017.

    We would like to thank ALL of our customers for their continued support.

  2. Update 17/08/2016
    Having a good look around the site I have found out that the foundations are now laid for the main extension and the structural steel work is going up nicely. The foundations for the smaller rear extension are being laid ready for when the structural steel erectors have finished with the main extension. I have heard that there is lots more to do but things are starting to take shape. When I hear or get wind of any other information I will post an update, please check back periodically.

  3. Update 01/08/2016
    “Spades are well and truly in the ground”. Foundations are being laid to accommodate our new extensions to the factory (yes I did say EXTENSIONS).
    We hope to get these extensions finished ASAP with population of the areas shortly afterwards.
    The year of 2016 has brought massive change to Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd with more to follow! Please check back soon for further updates

  4. We are delighted to announce that we have taken delivery of our BRAND NEW state of the art Fecken Kirfel H42A loop splitter with lots and lots of extras. This is in addition to our existing fleet of Fecken Kirfel machines and expands our capabilities and possibilities further. The picture below is taken from the Fecken Kirfel website and it shows the standard H42A machine. We will hopefully take some pictures of our machine when the Engineers have finished installing it.
    Fecken Kirfel H42A

  5. We are now running our brand new state of the art combined router and knife cutting machine. This machine has capabilities that far surpass a normal router or separate knife cutting machine. Some of our staff have had extensive training to help us get the very best out of this new addition to our fleet. We have a brand new web page which gives an insight into this process, it can be found at http://www.advancedseals.com/processes/oscillating-knife/

  6. We are now proud owners of a new state of the art CNC controlled ATOM press which is in addition to our existing fleet of CNC controlled presses. The addition furthers our capabilities in the rapid and precise production of the very best Seals & Gaskets along with associated products such as pads, strip etc. We will hopefully bring some pictures soon. More exciting news to follow so please check back for updates! :)

  7. Update 17/02/2016

    The first of the NEW plant is starting to arrive and it’s very exciting. This means that we are increasing our capabilities within the Foam and Rubber conversion market and cementing our place as market leaders in our field.

    We will bring you more updates as and when they happen!

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