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  1. Expansion & Refurbishment update 01/07/2015
    Vast improvements have been made with many more in the pipeline in order to help streamline our facilities to ultimately bring our customer the best level of service possible. Our stock control unit as been in place for several months now and is bringing massive benefits to our selection and slitting team. We can now control our stock much better than previous whilst also carrying much higher stock levels. We are also embarking on complete rearrangement of our plant and equipment to ensure minimal waste in terms of time and transportation of WIP and finished goods.

  2. Expansion & Refurbishment update 06/05/2015

    Well our newly refurbished stock control unit is now full to bursting point of ready to convert stock which will ensure we can not only meet our customer demands but exceed them where possible. We have now got to install our new and improved stock control system which will form part of our bespoke computer system, this will allow us to monitor stock levels, trends and give faster response times to the customer.

  3. Expansion & Refurbishment update 21/01/2015

    We are currently making very good progress in our extensive improvement program to our manufacturing and office based facilities.
    The refurbishment of our huge stock holding area is almost complete with the imminent laying of the new concrete flooring along with the addition of computer control systems shortly afterwards. This will help the improved control of our stock and inventory allowing us to constantly meet our already market beating lead times.
    The main production area has received its first coat of fresh paint along with a completely new production layout for plant and equipment which will help to minimise wastes and improve efficiency.

  4. Expansion & Refurbishment update 13/08/2014

    Lots of work has been completed with lots more still to complete but progress is being made.

    The new roof to our stock control unit is a day away from completion and looks very good whilst providing effective cover; our new despatch department is almost painted with the BIG move for our despatch department imminent.
    New frontage gates have been installed which incorporate ASG name and provide effective security.
    Lots of other improvement plans are being implemented.

    Please check back soon for more updates on our improvement program.

    Thanks again

    Jeff P

  5. Expansion & Refurbishment update 22/07/2014

    Our improvement program is well under way with the new roof to the stock control unit half done, New despatch area ready to paint prior to moving, IT systems under construction, Our new website is now complete, Expansion plans have been drawn up ready for construction to commence.

    This year at Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd is filled with change (for the good).

    We at Advanced Seals & Gaskets Ltd believe in a program of constant improvement.

    Please check back soon for more updates on our improvement program.

    Jeff P

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